Why travel with TribeXplorers

We know Africa and we know you.

We take time to travel in Africa, exploring places and off-the-beaten tracks to share amazing experiences and hidden gems with you.

To us, you are not just a client but a friend. We want to know you and your travel interests and desires.

We care about your experiences and expectations. We want to create life-long travel memories and stories for you to remember.

We constantly receive updates on local developments and monitor government travel advisories as your safety and security is our number one priority.

We work tirelessly with our local travel partners to ensure that every detail of your journey is planned and executed safely and perfectly.

Once on ground, we continue communication with your guides and travel partners and will be available 24-hours for any assistance you need.


I’m interested to travel to Africa, how can I organise my trip?

Please get in touch with us, we will be happy to understand your requirements and travel interests to tailor-make a travel experience for you.

Email us at or send us a message through our website.

It is expensive to travel in Africa, is that true?

Nope, we believe the cost you pay is relative to the experience you will receive. We have backpacked across countries on 15-hour bus journeys and also stayed in luxury hotels and resorts. Hence, we know value versus experience and aim to make Africa accessible for everyone by customising your travel experience.

What should I prepare for my trip?

We will provide you with a checklist and comprehensive information once you book and guide you through any necessary arrangements required before you depart. Packing list, vaccination requirements, visa application, currency exchange etc we got you covered.

If I need to cancel / re-schedule my trip unexpectedly, will I get a refund?

We will evaluate on a case-by-case basis, depending on cancellation period before departure and any payments already made to airlines, hotels or transport providers. We strongly recommend purchasing personal travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.


Is it safe and secure?

It absolutely is, Africa is safe! Plan and take the necessary pre-cautions like you would travelling to any other country in the world! Your safety and security is our number one priority. We wouldn’t send you any where that we haven’t visited before.

Is it clean?

You won’t need to bring your own toilet paper or bath towel. Africa is well-developed for tourism though don’t expect Japanese-style bidet toilets.

For the more adventurous who are camping, travelling with mobile tents or volunteering in the countryside, we will let you know in advance of any out-of-the-norm situations you may encounter.

Are signs in English and do people speak English?

Yes, mostly except in Ethiopia. An English speaking driver-guide will accompany you along your journey, feel free to interact as much as you prefer. Learn a few basic local greetings, be curious and ask questions. Getting to know and understand the local way of life is also part of the experience.

Please let us know in advance if a foreign-language guide is preferred, we will try our best to organise one.

What can I eat? Is tap water safe to drink?

International tastes are catered for but do not expect local hawker fare. Africans generally do not eat a lot of chili, so bring your own if you like your food spicy. Bring some cup noodle backups if you think you will miss comfort food. Let us know in advance if you have any food allergies, special meal or dietary requirements.

Never drink from taps. Brush your teeth and drink from sealed bottled water to be on the safe side.

What if I fall sick?

Pack any specialised or prescription medicine you require. Doctors, hospitals and pharmacies are available and generally of good standard. Yellow fever vaccination is compulsory and each vaccine lasts for life.

It is my first-time in Africa, what should I expect?

Africa is unique and non-comparable to any travel experiences you may have had visiting Europe, America, Asia or Australia. It can be frustrating for the first-timer yet utterly rewarding for those who keep an open mind and heart.

Be respectful of host country’s cultures, social norms and etiquette. Be patient if you encounter language or communication barriers. Be understanding if things don’t work the same way as they do back home. Most importantly, smile and enjoy the experience.

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